Developing and Utilizing
Nanomembranes to Solve
Biomedical Problems

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Engineering the Ideal Membrane for Tissue Barrier and Co-Culture Models

Our team is working towards developing ultrathin, transparent, and permeable nanomembranes for physiologically relevant in vitro model systems. Did you know that we can make membrane barriers as thin as 10s to 100s of atoms thick – as thin or thinner than those found in the body?

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Biological Separations

We are developing new membranes as well as capture and release technologies to isolate exosomes, bacterial outer membrane vesicles, and other extracellular vesicles from a variety of biofluids. Did you know that these vesicles are so small that they can contain just a single copy of proteins of their “parent” cell?

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Understanding Cell-Substrate Interactions

We are investigating the effects of porous and disrupted surfaces on cell-substrate behavior with the goal of engineering the ideal membrane to mimic soft tissue interfaces. Did you know that cells grown on stiff but porous materials behave similarly to cells grown on very soft materials?

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Thank you to Brad Kwarta (RIT Medical Illustration MFA ’18) for creating the illustrations on this website!